Domaine des Croix

Domaine des Croix

Domaine des Croix - “David Croix is rapidly gaining kudos within Burgundy as a winemaker with that “touch,”—a preternatural gift for making wine and giving it that extra “je ne sais quoi.” Every year he seems to be honing his craft. If you have not climbed on board and discovered David’s wines for yourself, do so now. He has a dab hand with vineyards around Beaune, often unfairly ignored by those insisting upon Gevrey or a Vosne-Romanée. In David’s hands, the wines attest to the propitious nature of its finest vineyards.” Neal Martin, The Wine Advocate.

“David Croix’s dream is to make people understand the great value of Beaune, which, despite being Burgundy’s center of winemaking, has generally fallen short in terms of the appeal of its own wines. He’s making an excellent case with parcels like the premier crus Pertuisots and Savigny’s Les Peuillets. The wines are full of savory spice and deep fruit character. They’re also ever more ambitiously priced, which is to say that Croix’s message about Beaune terroir is being heard.” Jon Bonné,

For those just tuning in, the tiny Domaine of David Croix (Domaine des Croix) is one of Burgundy’s rising stars. Croix is not only exciting because of the outstanding quality of his wines, but also because he is reminding us all how great the wines of Beaune can be. In fact, he is the first genuinely exciting Beaune/Corton focussed producer to arrive on the scene for a long time. And not before time. For aeons, the wines of Beaune have been grossly underappreciated in the world of Burgundy thanks to the area being dominated by the larger negociants. Today David Croix is crafting wines that are bound to shake us out of our apathy. Beaune has not had a benchmark artisan for ages, and now Domaine des Croix is well on the way to filling that gap. To add to this, Croix’s prices are very fair in Burgundy terms.

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